Sub.Mission's Electronic Tuesdays

Last night, the Sub.Mission crew kicked off its Electronic Tuesdays series, and for the next three weeks, it will be packing the Other Side full of electronic music from nearly two dozen different DJs. Generally speaking, when you have that many artists spread over a series of dates, it's difficult to spell them out fully without creating clutter, but Sub.Mission has done so efficiently here. In one quick glance, you can see who's appearing on what day of the week and plan accordingly.

And all of this information is conveyed while still leaving enough space for the layered origami-style artwork. Is it a mountain? Earth? Hard to say. Either way, the way the pieces trickle out into tiny little triangles draws your eye in. The other appealing thing about this flier is the color scheme. Save for the odd gradient on the dates, the poppy yellow, blue, purple and green are all rather pleasant to look at. The flier feels like summer, and that's what really matters here.

Sub.Mission's Electronic Tuesdays


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