Who's seven feet tall, has flow like a fractured iceberg and gets his paycheck signed by Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars Volta? Giovanni Marks, leader of the underground hip-hop cabal Subtitle. The L.A.-based rapper might look more like a starting forward for the Lakers than a musician, but his brain and spleen are sautéed in the squiggly beats and nova-imploding rhymes displayed throughout Young Dangerous Heart, Subtitle's debut full-length on GSL, the Boulder-born indie imprint that's co-owned by Rodriguez-Lopez. Not so much a stream of consciousness as a money shot, Marks's style marries free association and Illuminati-level enlightenment with garbled samples and stark electronics. Subtitle is on the road with GSL bedfellows GoGoGo Airheart, and they'll hit the Larimer stage with local dance-floor assault units Stab!Heart!Kiss!Kill! and Vulpes. Now, that's a tall bill.


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