Concept Oner
Concept Oner

"Sunrise" by Concept Oner featuring Cody Beastly and Chuck Steaks

Here's another brand new, unreleased ditty to lay on you. This one's from Concept Oner and features his American Trash Republic counterparts Cody Beastly and Chuck Steaks.

More summer than a swimming pool brimming with boisterous kids, this notably laid back little track is built upon a breezy Beatles-like arpeggio and the notion of staying up until, well, as the song's title intimates, "Sunrise." Like the ATR crew, the song was recorded both here and in Los Angeles.

While the cut was originally slated to appear on Concept's second solo album, Too Die For 2, in all likelihood, it will now surface on a comp of unreleased material from the past three years. Download "Sunrise" after the jump, and if you haven't already, be sure to grab ATR's Scumbag's mixtape for free, while you're at it.

MP3: "Sunrise" - Concept Oner feat. Chuck Steaks and Cody Beastly


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