Sunstance & Vainqueur at b.side lounge

There's a real treat coming for techno heads Saturday, November 14, when Substance & Vainqueur bring musical history to Boulder's b. side lounge for one of a handful of North American dates. Peter Kuschnereit (Substance) and René Löwe (Vainqueur) have been fixtures in the techno scene for two decades. Kuschnereit, who also spins under the name DJ Pete, has remixed artists such as Robert Hood and Juan Atkins and has worked at the famed Hardwax record store in Berlin since just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Löwe, meanwhile, produced classics such as "Lyot" and the Elevations album on his own. Since their first joint release as Scion (1995's "Emerge," on Chain Reaction), the two have put out a number of excellent tracks together. This time out, they'll be presenting their latest project, the spacy, driving and hypnotic techno they're releasing under the name Scion Versions. It's a sound that harks back to the dubby past of Basic Channel without ever sounding retro or cheesy; in fact, it's pure techno bliss.


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