Super Seed

The latest project by Lazyface vets Aaron Rocha and Andy Anderson doesn't qualify as an enormous departure. Planted, the subject of a Friday, June 5, CD-release party at the Gothic Theatre co-starring the Alan Baird Project, Quillon and the Side Project, embraces the mainstream via classically structured pop songs replete with sincere melodies, tinkling piano lines and self-consciously "tasty" guitar solos; the ones sprinkled throughout "She's On to Me" put me in mind of '70s-era fern bars and tightly rolled twenty-dollar bills. Rocha's perky chording and exuberant bah-dah-bahs on "Trip" will push the Jason Mraz button in many listeners, and even comparatively soupy material like "Okay by Me" is never less than catchy. But the music's so slick that it tends to slide right off.


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