Surpass Flavor

Surpass Flavor has an optimistic flow and no problem keeping on the beat. But while his style has an amiable taste, his unidentifiable accent distracts from what he's trying to say. The rapper definitely pines for the golden age of hip-hop, and like a good purist, he invokes the '90s on each track — especially with lines like "If you want a real hip-hop MC, don't sweat, 'cause I remember when a mixtape was still a cassette." On the surface, this EP is a tribute to Las Vegas, but there's also a healthy dose of Surpass's love for the ladies. With simplistic and repetitive beats, Green Felt Jungle doesn't have much range, save for the Domingo-produced "Like U Used 2," which is a catchy track. If nothing else, the album shows potential and piques listeners' curiosity about what this MC might deal up next.


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