Sweater Club

From the opening bars of Sweater Club's debut full-length, it's clear that something unique is going on. While a power trio melding rock, punk and reggae isn't exactly new -- heck, the Police did that -- the addition of a three-piece brass section (trumpet, trombone and sax) gives this Oregon sextet an added dimension. The opening horn lines on "Fallen Down" balance a Steve Reich rhythm against a Soul Side skank, while "She Just" combines frontman Matt Jager's overdriven guitar with Grant Thomas's deep, raunchy Fishbone groove. The record's highlight is "The Aftermath," which boasts intertwining brass, Alec Kretchun's frenetic bass-playing and more mood swings than Angelina Jolie. The act's tight, melodic rock manages to skirt the edge between gimmick and signature by using those horns as more than just jazzy window-dressing or funky percussion. By the end, you'll wish the whole thing would last just five minutes more.


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