Synthetic Elements

The April 2007 review of Standing Still, a previous release by these ska-punkers, declared, "There's nothing new in the band's sound, but the players channel old styles so well that the album is kinda fun despite itself." And while the group's membership has changed since then, its basic characteristics haven't. Trashed Out Paradise, which gets the CD-release-party treatment on May 1 at the Gothic Theatre, sounds great thanks to the crew at Fort Collins's Blasting Room, where it was cut, and if the players' "Wooly Bully" cover is disappointingly rote, other tunes pick up the slack — especially "How Far," with its rampaging battalion of riffs, and "Evelene," a piratical rouser with a yo-ho chorus sure to please all ye hearties out there. Standing still seldom sounds so entertaining.


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