Talk All Night gets moody at Glob on September 1

Talk All Night (due at Glob on Saturday, September 1) changed its name from the Clever Deadly, but the band's members stuck with developing their core sound, which is focused on weaving together threads of electro/dream pop, downtempo, glitch and the kind of moody, atmospheric post-punk that some might call goth. Layden Bryant's voice conjures the R&B-inflected stylings of Iva Davies of Icehouse and Jeremy Ryder of Wang Chung around the time of the To Live and Die in L.A. soundtrack. Fans of the regrettably inactive Denver band Fiction 8 will appreciate Kate Warner's detailed and evocative synth work and production, not to mention her own richly emotive vocals. The songs are a perfect blend of dark, bright and dreamy and an earthy dance beat, and the music is vibrant, lush and immediately captivating.


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