Tantric Picasso

From the way the first cut, "Cherry on Top," opens, it's pretty clear that Tantric Picasso's Life's a Bitch and Then You Die So Why Not Laugh Until You Cry is going to be a bizarre journey. Layers of indecipherable voices over a swinging beat and walking bass line soon make way for a catchy-as-hell hook accented with vibraphone and harmonica. From there, "5 Years (Old)" drifts into dreamy psychedelic electronica, and the lazily paced "Get a Clue" is equally far out. "Bob Saget's Shit Eating Grin," meanwhile, recalls Black Moth Super Rainbow and segues into a super-psych freakout at the end. While the band, which consists of all University of Colorado Denver music majors, focuses on psychtronica on most of the cuts, the odd man out is "Burton's Curtains," which, strangely enough, treads on folky Paper Bird territory with banjo and acoustic guitar.


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