Tech N9ne

"I write my life as it progresses, as it gets worse -- whatever," says Aaron Yates, who headlines on Saturday, January 6, at the Fillmore Auditorium under his nom de plume, Tech N9ne; Blaze opens the show. "I'm like a fan inside this cat called Tech N9ne, who writes this crazy stuff. I'm just waiting to see what the beats are going to bring out of me, and this time it brought out a masterpiece." That's Tech N9ne's modest assessment of his latest disc, Everready -- and if others are unlikely to place it among the pantheon of all-time-great hip-hop platters, they're apt to enjoy its variety. Tech N9ne divides his personality into three characters -- the King, the G and the Clown -- with music to match. Moreover, he's one of the few hip-hoppers to have developed a reputation as a strong live artist. "I used to be a dancer, so we've got choreographed moves and everything," he points out. "It's not just grabbing your crotch and walking back and forth." No wonder Tech N9ne is a triple threat.

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