Teenage Bottlerocket

Laramie, Wyoming, is a far cry from the urban borough of Queens, New York. And yet Teenage Bottlerocket -- Laramie's biggest punk-rock export -- is in spiritual accord with that most legendary gang of Big Apple pinheads, the Ramones. Born from the Homeless Wonders, a staple of the Front Range punk scene in the late '90s, Teenage Bottlerocket is an unabashed throwback to the hammering, no-frills, near Neanderthal attack of Joey, Johnny, Tommy and Dee Dee. On Another Way, its 2003 debut, the trio revels in white-knuckled minimalism and decidedly numbskull themes like breakups, fistfights and werewolves, taking on classic pop and rock and roll with all the finesse of a meat grinder. The group has just released a split single with the infamous Fort Collins outfit Bill the Welder, which will be warming up the stage along with 4130. Teenage Bottlerocket probably couldn't find the corner of 53rd and Third with MapQuest and a global-positioning satellite, but its fun, buzzsaw punk knows the Ramones' home turf like the back of its hand.


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