Ten movies Lil Wayne should watch in prison

Ten movies Lil Wayne should watch in prison

Now that Lil Wayne is for real, finally, absolutely, behind bars with no possibility to escape for at least eight months, we figured we'd send him a few choice clips to help him pass the time. We can't imagine going nearly a year without his trademark hair (will he have to cut it for jail?) or his new music direction, so we've decided to take a look at a few movies that might help him, um, well -- just pass the time warden, nothing more, we swear. Anyway, Lil Wayne, since we know you're reading this, watch these films, and we'll be seeing you soon (we're certain he can still use his Netflix -- he's Lil Wayne).

10. Down by Law

DJ Zack and pimp Jack go to jail for being to chilled out to bother fighting against accusations of crimes they didn't commit. Then they meet an eccentric Italian who has plans for escape. Lil Wayne? We'd like to see you take on the roll of Roberto, please.

09. Chicken Run

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We're not certain if Lil Wayne's future includes a chicken pie, but either way we think he mind find solace in the great escape attempts and ability to overcome great disadvantages.

08. Le Trou

We imagine Lil Wayne in the roll of the fifth wheel in this prison escape. He'll come in, get all down and dirty and help plot out a successful mission then suddenly will be released. Okay, maybe not, we kind of doubt Lil Wayne could dig his way out of anything.

07. Brubaker

We'd like to think Lil Wayne is actually innocent, and perhaps he is being sent to jail simply to spy on the guards and prisoners, so he can begin instituting reform measures. Or not.

06. Stalag 17

Okay, this is about a POW camp, but we imagine (again) Lil Wayne in the roll of the informant. We're sorry, it's just impossible to imagine him being particularly tough or even idealistic. Maybe we're wrong.

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