Ten rockers who found religion

Ten rockers who found religion

We all dream of finding fame and fortune in our chosen fields, but when people actually do get rich and famous, they often discover that money can't buy happiness, or love, or whatever it is the Beatles were singing about. What's the answer, then? God? Meditation? E-meter auditing? When musicians get religion, they usually do it in a hilariously public way -- because if the adoration of millions of fans doesn't do the spiritual trick, then telling your millions of fans about your brand-new connection with the universe surely will.

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Ten rockers who found religion

10. Madonna While not technically a religion unto itself, Kabbalah -- or Jewish mysticism -- is a unique and convoluted system of belief that requires decades of study to begin to penetrate. Madonna seemed surprised that she drew flak from the Jewish community for taking one of the world's most dense and esoteric disciplines and turning it into a T-shirt that read, Kabbalists Do It Better. Apparently, she thought that adopting the name Esther and donating millions of dollars to schools teaching Kabbalah would be all the Talmudic street-cred she would need. "It would be less controversial if I joined the Nazi Party," she told the New York Daily News. Would it, though, Madonna? Would it, really?

Ten rockers who found religion

9. Dave Mustaine Veteran of Metallica, Megadeth and countless hours of inebriation, Dave Mustaine decided to leave Alcoholics Anonymous to focus on Christianity. He subsequently refused to play with any band that showed Satanic leanings, preferring instead to learn the ways of peace and tolerance. In 1988, he welcomed gay fans into the fold with the observation that "it says in the Bible that men should not lay with men like they lay with women. I mean, I don't wanna fuck up and not go to heaven." More recently, he expressed skepticism over Barack Obama's U.S. citizenship and accused the President of having staged mass shootings across the country in order to promote an anti-gun agenda. Rock on, dude.

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