Ten sad, strange and sexy Christmas songs

A still from the Killers' "Don't Shoot Me Santa" video.
A still from the Killers' "Don't Shoot Me Santa" video.

It's less than a week until the fat man in the red suit shimmies down the chimney, and we've already heard "White Christmas," "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and every other traditional song you can think of at least a thousand times since Thanksgiving. But there are a few songs out there, well-written original holiday songs that you probably haven't heard on the radio either because they're strange, sad or too sexy. Here's ten songs that fit that description, some of which would make even Jolly Ol' Saint Nick blush.

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10. "Not Tonight Santa" by Girls Aloud This girl group, the biggest British singing reality show export before the days of Susan Boyle, sings about a less conventional Santa Claus -- one who is deserving more of a restraining order than a serving of milk and cookies. Like a good holiday pop song, however, Kris Kringle's obsession with the girls is dressed up with a nice synth backing track and a jumping beat -- so nice even Grandma would want to sing along.

9. "Fa La La" by Justin Bieber with Boyz II Men Last year's Under The Mistletoe contained this gem of a Christmas song that was fresh enough to get Boyz II Men to offer up guest vocals (so not fresh at all). Bieber's verse is pretty lackluster, but the men from Boyz II Men school the young'un on what it takes to serenade a lady.

8. "Father Christmas" by The Kinks We don't need to tell you how magical Christmastime can be: snow, lights, the smell of the tree, cookies baking in the oven. But for the Kinks, Christmastime is missing all of the elements of a wonderful life. In "Father Christmas," the poor guy gets mugged by a gang of other kids (think of that fight scene in A Christmas Story only much sadder) and one of them only wants his father to be employed for Christmas. But, hey, it can't be all milk-and-cookies for everybody, now can it?

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