Tequila Mockingbird

Tequila Mockingbird remains a draw on the local club scene eight years after hatching because it's reliable and accessible. These qualities are unlikely to catapult the quintet to global fame, but they guarantee that Alien-American, the band's latest full-length, stays catchy and listenable from start to finish.

"The Honeymoon" encapsulates the Mockingbird's positives: sassy vocals by Wendy Clark Hudson; an infectious melody; appealing accompaniment courtesy of guitarists Daniel Paschke and Mark Mauldin, drummer Rob Cameron and bassist Rhett Haney; and clever lyrics such as "The honeymoon's not the same without you/But I'm remaining optimistic." Elsewhere, the players touch on styles ranging from country ("Sometimes I Think") to blues rock ("Catching On [The Stupid Song]") without sounding scattershot, thanks to steady production co-credited to Eric Shiveley and the band as a whole.

Alien-American isn't a remarkable disc, but it's enough to keep Tequila Mockingbird's nest feathered for the foreseeable future.


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