The 13 Ultra Music Fest GIFs that keep on giving

Photo by Jacob Katel
Welcome to Ravetopia.

Society got the best of ya? Go to Ultra Music Festival, where you can leave the normal world behind, where you can feel free to get half naked, customize your brain and put some neon in your life. Deep inside the endless well of bass, you just might find yourself. Here are thirteen hardcore ravers who will teach you the ways of Ravetopia, in animated GIF.

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13. The Bikini Bus

Dancing to: Hardwell

Shaking one's ass is not going to make the bus come any faster, but it sure does make the wait more fun!

12. All About The U

Dancing to: Afrojack

Nothin' like a good air-hump fist-pump in front of 60,000 people to get the party started.

11. Bro

Dancing to: Krewella

Dude's just a bro doing brostep with his bros, aight. Grab a rail and hang tight, dude. These bros are rockin'.

10. Ravey-Go-Round

Dancing to: Day three, live stage

Between all these wacky characters, there must be at least thirty pockets and stash spots. But the head magician still can't hang onto his phone without dropping it.

9. Swag On

Dancing to: Porter Robinson

"Dance? Like, with a girl? Yeah, right. Fine, spin me once. Whoa, that's it, babe. Love ya. Phew, it's tough being Triple Swag Fred."

8. Hula Girl

Dancing to: Seven Lions

Alright, we've watched this loop 37 fucking times and we still have no idea how she does this trick. Rave on, hula girl. Rave on.

7. Cranked Up

Dancing to: Flosstradamus

Trapsylvania is no place for amateurs. If your feet do not emit clouds of smoke when you dance, just take a step back and appreciate.

6. Diamond Eyes

Dancing to: Day two, main stage

Mysterious and alluring, the techno siren will draw you in with her style and moves, then eat your soul in sacrifice on the sacred altar of Beatfreakia.

5. Hammer Time

Dancing to: Flux Pavilion vs. Doctor P

It's like the ground is a typewriter and he just wrote an entire book with his feet.

4. Party Animals

Dancing to: Flux Pavilion vs. Doctor P

If you don't have a spirit hat, front-snap backpack, dark shades, an onboard water cooler, bandana and karate moves, then you ain't ready for the wild side.

3. Glown Folks

Dancing to: Green Velvet

Lots of carpe dieming going on here.

2. Eventually

Dancing to: Madeon

Fun never gets old.

1. Ballin'

Dancing to: Drumsound & Bassline Smith

His hat either says "High" or "HGH." But performance enhancing drugs are unnecessary to have fun at Ultra.

And now, for the supersecret special bonus GIF ...

Neon Samurai

Dancing to: Knife Party

In order to see the light, you must be the light. Now go into the night. And take your glowsticks with you.

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