The 50 worst rock/pop lyrics of all time: 30-21

The 50 worst rock/pop lyrics of all time: 30-21

Just when you think the suck factor has been turned all the way up, here comes another batch of songs to push the needle further in the red. Today as the countdown of total crappiness continues. We've got tunes by Kid Rock, Nickleback, Michael Jackson, Sublime and more. Keep reading to see which songs made the list today.

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30. Nickelback - "Too Bad"

"It's too bad/It's stupid/Too late/So wrong/So long . . . Let's walk/Let's talk/Let's talk"

Without any context, these lines could read as the transcription of two indecisive meth-heads trying to break up. Is it too late and so long, or do you want to walk around and have a chat? Make up your mind. It's 2001, and pretty soon people are going to realize your band is ridiculous.

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29. The New Radicals - "You Get What You Give"

"Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson/Courtney love and Marilyn Manson/You're all fakes/Run to your mansions/Come around, we'll kick your ass in"

Other than Hanson, it's kind of inexplicable why he chooses to pick on Beck and Marilyn Manson as icons of upper-class celebrity. Even Courtney Love hadn't really cemented her reputation as a courtroom diva when this song hit in 1998. If "You Get What You Give" came out a few years later, you'd think it was written for search engine optimization.

28. Michael Jackson - "You Rock My World"

"You rocked my world, you know you did/And everything I own I give (You rocked my world)"

I know, we all tried really hard to like this song in 2001, but it was a terrible song then and a terrible song now, with no favors done by the lyrics.

27. Snap! - "Rhythm Is A Dancer"

"I'm serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer"

It takes courage to bet the farm on a phrase that makes absolutely no sense. Singing "rhythm is a dancer" is as useless as saying "the wind is a carpenter." It's a phrase that may score you points the next time you chat up a wicca-enthusiast in a drum circle, but it's certainly not as serious as cancer.

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