The Archive

There probably aren't too many people who remember Autonomous Collective, a poppy post-rock act that daringly explored a wide range of sounds with admirable dexterity. When that band eventually morphed into the Archive, the players solidified their sound into a compelling amalgamation of indie rock, progressive song structures and jazzy playfulness. In recent years, quite a few bands have incorporated an orchestral feel into their songwriting; unfortunately, many ended up sounding like they'd ingested far too much Keane and Coldplay. In contrast, the Archive (due at the Larimer Lounge this Thursday, April 26) possesses a liveliness and a tunefulness that set it apart, calling to mind more progressive outfits such as the Dismemberment Plan, both in its angular guitar work and its penchant for injecting a little R&B and soul into the proceedings.


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