The Avett Brothers

The music made by North Carolina brothers Seth and Scott Avett, joined on this bill by Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, is about as trendy as a Model-T. But their talent is undeniable, with the best of their material giving sentimentality a good name. Take the Western-themed "Murder in the City," from 2008's The Second Gleam, in which the song's protagonist, fearful of winding up in a pine box, expresses his affection for his mother and sister via the couplet "Always remember there is nothing worth sharing/Like the love that let us share our name." No wonder producer/music executive Rick Rubin, one of the industry's keener judges of talent, has reached out to the Avetts — and the title track of I and Love and You, a Rubin-produced offering due on the Columbia/American imprint in September, suggests that he wants their music to speak for itself. Which it does, with an eloquence that will never go out of style. (Visit for a full interview with bassist Bob Crawford.)


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