The Babysitters keep watch at the Walnut Room on Saturday, July 14

If you never saw Greg Hill's previous band, Six Months to Live, that wouldn't be surprising — because not nearly enough people did. Hill is a gifted songwriter with a genius for power pop; he's also a character, something that's in short supply in Denver (think a cross between Don DeLillo and Lester Bangs). The Babysitters (due this Saturday, July 14, at the Walnut Room) aren't as bombastic as Six Months to Live, but it's still Greg Hill, and his caustic and startlingly clever humor is on full display. At this show, the trio of Hill, Maureen Hearty and bassist Eric Allen (of Apples in Stereo fame) are releasing an album called Have a Seat. If you go, ask Hill why he cut out the Broncos song.


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