The Bedsit Infamy

A bit of an odds-and-sods collection, this set of songs covers the entirety of the Bedsit Infamy's existence, including its first formal demo. Recalling XTC's 1992 compilation Rag and Bone Buffet in terms of purpose and content, this "leftover" work is anything but inferior. Billy Armijo may be a writer of pop songs, but his approach, which is made more vivid with this broad selection of his songs, is akin to that of the late, great Macha, mixing polished songcraft with a willingness to blend seemingly disparate elements: the space-rock with funk and lounge jazz in the 2008 demo "Where Would You Like To Go" follows the lo-fi twee of "Out of School." Supposedly the final Bedsit Infamy release, this collection of tunes reveals a songwriter with rare inventiveness and versatility.


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