The best DIY shows in Denver in September

The best DIY shows in Denver in September

GOLDRUSH MUSIC FESTIVAL @ SIDEWINDER & CRASH 45 | 9/27-9/28 In its third year, Goldrush Music Festival will again feature some of the most intriguing experimental artists in the world of underground music today, including Noveller, led by Sarah Lipstate, who as a member of Parts & Labor helped usher in a more experimental side of the post-punk revival. These days, as Noveller, the former Cold Cave alum produces layered guitar atmospheres of transcendent beauty and rich sonic detail. Having performed with Glenn Branca's 100-guitar ensemble and Rhys Chatham, Lipstate has been involved in some of the most innovative guitar music of recent years.

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TITWRENCH @ GLOB | THURS-SAT, 9/5-9/7 The Titwrench music festival was founded in 2009 by Sarah Slater, a longtime independent promoter, who received a Westword MasterMind Award in 2011 for her involvement in it. From the beginning, the festival has featured artists from Albuquerque's rich experimental-music scene, groups like Bigawatt and Milch de la Máquina, which are both returning this year alongside an array of notable local acts such as Dangerous Nonsense, Talk All Night and Rachael Pollard. But Titwrench (taking place this year on Friday, September 6, and Saturday, September 7, at Glob) isn't just music; there is a strong visual-art presence as well, including the work of local luminaries like Katrin Davis and filmmaker Kim Shively, who was involved in the making of Wesley Willis's Joyrides. As usual, there will also be workshops and good food on hand, making Titwrench more than just another music festival.

FACIAL @ MOUTH HOUSE | WEDS, 9/4/13 Because Facial is directly affiliated with DIY venue Mouth House, you might expect it to be a punk-rock band. Instead, the trio makes experimental instrumental music on par with that of Hella (only without the jittery time-signature shifts) and Don Ballero (but even more playful). Alex Norell's drumming is richly varied, with micro-fills and accents around Ethan Evanchak's smooth and driving bass work, while Joe Hatfield's vivid guitar tone and masterfully detailed melodies could have come from a GIT grad who's disenchanted with conventional structure but doesn't want to lose his chops. Catch Facial this Wednesday, September 4, at Mouth House.

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