The Bronz

Once "Mad" Max Rockatansky became an action-movie archetype of stoic masculinity and righteous anger, some heavy band was bound to reference him in its name. One of the area's better post-stoner rock bands staked claim to that moniker, only it knocked off the e at the end before claiming it for itself. Last year, three-fourths of Core of the Earth — an act that stood out from the wave of Sabbath-inspired legions with solid musicianship and a little more imaginative sounds and dynamics — formed The Bronz. Core wasn't just sludgy, heavy and loud, but had actual melodies and lyrics that went far afield of the typical reefer references. The Bronz (slated to appear at the Larimer Lounge this Saturday, November 24) emerged with an even more disciplined sound, replete with layers of guitars swimming with creative use of distortion and psych-rock refinements. Instead of having all instruments hitting at full volume, the Bronz seems to understand that truly compelling music isn't one flavor or texture all the way through. Possessing a bit of Mad Max's steely-eyed intensity, the members of the Bronz prove their metal mettle.


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