The Chain Gang of 1974, Rexway, Wire Faces, Dressy Bessy spun on local radio this week. See what other acts got spins.

Here what the area's local-centric specialty radio shows were spinning this week. We're currently tracking the playlists a number of different shows including, KTCL's Locals Only, 99.5 the Mountain's Homegrown Show, The Colorado Sound, which originates at KRFC and is re-broadcast all over Colorado, and The Colorado Wave, which is syndicated on a number of stations across the country. See the full playlists posted after the jump.



Breathe Carolina - "Welcome to Savannah"

The Chain Gang of 1974 - "We at the Disco"

Tango Red Tapestry - "Humbert's Folly"

Churchill - "Loud"

Heart & Soul Radio - "E.P.I.C."

Knew - "Before It Starts"

Dualistics - "Only Way to Stay (Fan Out)"

Cure for Madeline - "Cherries & Lemonade"

Raven & Writing Desk - "February Cold (It's Over Now)"

Hot Robots - "True"

Blazing Scarlet - "Taken"

Mr Right - "Tabula Rasa"



Ben Park Drive - "Together"

Brethren Fast - "Brass Ring"

Melissa Ivey - "Carpe Diem (for Ray)"

Space Team Electra - "Original Sin"

Hazel Miller - "Little Sunflower"

Between the Sheets - "Between the Sheets"

Rexway - "Thursday"

17th Avenue Allstars - "I Wish"

Robert Eldridge - "White Leghorn Jig (Chicken Blues)"

Xiren - "Summer of Love"



Kinetix - "Let Me In"

Matt Morris - "Money"

Post Paradise - "The Ghost in the Airwaves"

Megan Burtt - "Too Damned Hard"

Jerry Palmer - "Little Nevada"

Romano Paoletti - "Can You Run"

Great American Taxi - "Good Night to Boogie"

Euforquestra - "Soup"

Chris Daniels & the Kings - "Jackhammer"

Liz Barnez - "Whiskey Bay"

Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck - "Give It On Back"

Arliss Nancy - "Wrong Or Right"

Drag the River - "I Remember Now"

Mandy Harvey - "Almost Like Being in Love"

Flobots - "White Flag Warrior"

The Rouge - "Lady Luck"

Wire Faces - "Count To Three"

Danielle Ate the Sandwich - "Two Bedroom Apartment"

The Hollyfelds - "Either Way"

The Congress - "Loretta"

Nathaniel Rateliff - "Whimper and Wail"

Motorhome - "I Know Better"

The Informants - "Salvation"

Shel - "The Latest & Greatest Blueberry Rubber Band"

Paper Bird - "Steady As"

Spring Creek - "Tangled In The Pines"

Fierce Bad Rabbit - "Everything Is Alright"

The Photo Atlas - "Jealous Teeth"

The Patti Fiasco - "Don't Go"

Jeff Finlin - "Hands off the Wheel"



Lauren Brombert - "The Swing"

Cary Fly Band - "Crazy"

Julia Bryan Band - "Drain"

Rey Feo - "Honey Go Home"

Smart Apple - "Doin' Nothin'"

Dressy Bessy - "Ease Me Down"

Johnny Rhino Project - "Tired of the Blues"

Prymal Rhythm - "Fireside Warm"

Alltyme - "Need You In My Life"

Carol Mayberry Sanchez - "Nothin' More Nothin' Less"

The World Romantic - "Satellite Love Affair"

Matthew Moon - "Carry Me"

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