The Constant Tourists

With a diverse collection of sounds and styles, often within the same song, the Constant Tourists have captured a warm, organic vibe on Carry On, especially with regard to the recording itself, which feels like it was done live, in a room with great natural acoustics. You can hear small details here and there, like the sound of a pick or fingernails on strings ("Rufus"), which keeps things from sounding sterile. There's a touch of Dixieland in some of the songs, while others, such as "Tocame," conjure the playful emotional colorings of the calypso side of the Mighty Sparrow. Carry On has a cohesive feel, yet it never gets stuck in one songwriting mode. The aptly named "Lullaby" reveals a bit of Bob Dylan's influence, while "You're Gonna Miss Me" and "Love Ya" offer lively bursts of zydeco and klezmer.


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