The Construct

The Constuct (formerly known as Orwellian Math Project) nimbly pushes the boundaries of what punk and indie rock can be as it mates aggressive, fiery songs with lonely, contemplative material. Instead of opting for a traditional band, the Boulder-based two-piece has forced itself to be more creative through the use of samplers and systematically switching between multiple instruments during its sets. What could be the musical equivalent of a Rube Goldberg-esque gimmick actually turns out to be a surprisingly rich tapestry of sounds, built on angular guitar work and tricky tempos. While the act's prog rock influence is readily apparent, there's also dreamy atmospheres overlaying the frenetic activity of the more rocking numbers. In that respect, the Construct (due at Larimer Lounge this Friday, August 17) recalls a less jagged Fugazi infused with doses of Laughing Stock and Spirit of Eden, and proves that imagination matters more than remaining true to genre.


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