The Dale Bruning Trio

Twelve years ago, Dale Bruning released Reunion, a two-disc live album with one of his more famous students, Denver native Bill Frisell, who studied with Bruning for close to five years in the late '60s and early '70s. Just Between Us, recorded live during two nights at Dazzle last March, finds the two guitarists in superb form once again, but this time bassist Michael Moore is on board as a more than capable anchor. Where Reunion consisted of mainly standards, this sixteen-track, two-disc set includes just a few standards alongside four Bruning originals, a Moore original and a fascinating rendition of "Deep Dead Blue," which Frisell wrote with Elvis Costello. A lot of these cuts are laid-back and understated, a hallmark of both Bruning's and Frisell's style, but there's some buoyant swinging here, as well, as evidenced on "Good Bait" and "Birk's Works."


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