The Damned

Although there's video of the Damned titled Final Damnation, which includes footage of a 1988 reunion show in London, it was hardly the last straw for an act that got its start during London's burgeoning punk movement in the late '70s. Just the same, there were a few rough patches along the way: After releasing their explosive and righteous debut Damned Damned Damned in 1977, the bandmembers called it quits only to reunite, going through various lineups and releasing a string of albums until the late '80s, when they broke up again briefly in 1989. Through it all, the one consistent member has been singer Dave Vanian. Although Vanian and original member Captain Sensible have had a few beefs over the years and Sensible left the band for about a decade, the two head up the current incarnation of the band and also appear on 2001's Grave Disorder and last year's So, Who's Paranoid?


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