The Deftones

When the Deftones came storming onto the scene in the mid-'90s, they were initially filed in with the much-maligned so-called nu-metal scene. A broad, all-encompassing term that applied to any metal act blending disparate elements into its music, nu metal proved to be an albatross for the Deftones, as it inevitably became synonymous with the sort of contemptuous crap being churned out by knuckle-dragging dipshits like Limp Bizkit. Although there certainly were other elements present in the Deftones' fusion, they were organic and reflective of the band's collective sensibilities — Stephen Carpenter's unbridled love of metal, Chino Moreno's pronounced proclivity for groups like the Smiths, My Bloody Valentine and Depeche Mode — rather than some contrived, calculating hybrid. Fact is, the Deftones were always a cut above their presumed contemporaries, which is precisely why they're still a going concern nearly two decades later.


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