The Dirty Lookers

Audio Voyeur, the Dirty Lookers' debut, is a raucous, revved-up ride straight out of the garage. The band's main strength lies in frontwoman Pammy Puente; at times she channels the screaming angst of Courtney Love, at others she sounds like a more punk version of Patti Smith. A further testament to her versatility as a vocalist comes on a dirtier and heavier take on Blondie's "Pretty Baby," in which she even gives Debbie Harry a run for her money before toning it down on a bluesy, heartfelt version of Allen Toussaint's "Cry On," with a nod to Irma Thomas. With local rock veterans Sara Fischer, Gerry Feit and Chris Kieft on board to help fuel the fire, Audio Voyeur is a gritty, no-holds-barred collection.


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