The Drams

A dog can only gnaw on the same bone for so long before it finally dawns on the old boy that he needs something substantive in his belly. Likewise, when the alt-country outfit Slobberbone called it quits in 2004, Brent Best realized he needed something a bit more significant to sink his teeth into. So a year later, the frontman formed the Drams with Slobberbone guitarist Jess Barr and drummer Tony Harper, then recruited bassist Keith Killoren and keyboardist Chad Stockslager (from Dallas-based Budapest One). The newly formed pack wasted no time in tearing the fleshy twang from the 'Bone before invariably cracking it in half, revealing a harder-rocking, poppier marrow that recalls a grittier Jayhawks. Looks like you can teach an old dog new tricks after all. If Slobberbone was that black Lab you brought with you to the bar, the Drams are the golden retriever you play Frisbee with in the park.


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