The Epilogues

If you love the '80s, you'll love the Epilogues. The players, who introduce their new EP on Saturday, July 12, at the Marquis Theater, with the Photo Atlas, don't offer an update on that decade's ringing guitars, minor keys and angsty singing. Rather, they deliver what sounds for all the world like the genuine item, pure, uncut and seemingly uninfluenced by the passage of years. At times, that's refreshing — particularly on "King Arthur," a sleek dance machine of a track sparked by Chris Heckman's vocal strutting, Jeff Swoboda's hi-hat-happy drumming and Nathaniel Hammond's thick synthing. But most cuts will have listeners playing the it-sounds-like-this-band-crossed-with-that-band game, which is ultimately limiting. Blasts from the past are fine, but next time around, the Epilogues should try living for today.


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