The Foot

After an October trip to Boulder, the Foot wrote a blog post ensuring its return to "rock your balls off again." For now, we'll have to take the guys' word for it on the live show. But the music contained on the band's debut album, Primary Colors, is certainly ball-rocking. Good-time seekers weaned on the '90s, the Foot plays big-ass rock built on a foundation of '70s classics and colors its sound with a little Jack White, Pearl Jam and the drunken recollections of Top 40 shit from a decade ago. It's probably a little too easy to pick out the specific influences this time around, to the point that certain riffs have been straight-up jacked. But overall, the album is distinct enough to merit a second listen and more than fun enough to merit a third. Primary Colors can be downloaded for free on the band's website.


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