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The Fort Collins Music Scene Felt the Love at FoCoMX

The Fort Collins Music Experience (aka FoCoMX) brings out thousands of Fort Collins residents who are undeniably smitten over their town's local talent, year after year. The festival runs like clockwork, and locals know who to see and what to expect. The price for a ticket, when divided up by the number of bands, is less than ten cents per band, and essentially every local business that has room to host a few musicians is a venue. The town comes together to thank their musicians and their city. As I scrolled through Twitter in the wake of this year's event, the love for the festival and Fort Collins was clear. 

1. A pizza-shaped Danielle Anderson, aka Danielle Ate the Sandwhich, and her chef-partner were noticed by Colorado State University. We hope it wasn't the hungry mascot, Cam the Ram, posting. #staysafeDanielle.
2. Badass, and violin. Not normally in the same sentence.  3. Well, she said it. #homeiswheretheheartis. #thatsalonghashtag.  4. This all around music-marketer goes as far as thanking the festival itself. It says "you're welcome, Julie."  5. And then, the band Wire Faces thanks the city itself. Again, it says "you're welcome, Wire Faces."  6. The Fort Collins based music incubator organization, SpokesBUZZ takes their musical descriptions to a whole new food level. We hope they found snacks. 

7. Okay, now, Fort Collins is using the word "bumpin'". I guess that's a good thing? 

8. But more than beer was enjoyed at the festival. Cider is making it's way into the fun.   

9. Now, only a few months until Bohemian Nights is on the other side of the Tweet!  10. No, YOU rocked, FoCoMX!   
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