The Gamits at the Bluebird

There was a time when pop punk wasn't just a fashion statement, musical or otherwise, despite bands like Green Day and NOFX making the style known to people who couldn't tell you anything about 924 Gilman Street. The Gamits emerged in 1996 as an energetic trio that didn't just play melodic punk rock; the guys could actually sing and harmonize well, too. The Gamits went on to release a string of albums, and they set out on numerous national tours, as well as tours in Europe and Japan, before playing their last show at the Bluebird Theater in December 2004. Fittingly, Chris Fogal and company will gather at the Bluebird this Friday, August 6, for a reunion show. The reconvened act is in the midst of working on a new album, Parts, which is being co-released this fall by Suburban Home Records and Paper + Plastic, the imprint owned by Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake.


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