The Genitorturers

Spreading the gospel of pain since 1986, the Genitorturers, a goth-shock outfit out of Orlando, never shy away from including a bondage demonstration or two in their live set -- an abrasive, costume-changing bacchanalia hosted by statuesque Mistress of Ceremonies Gen Vincent. After leaving her native Albuquerque at seventeen to pursue pre-med and microbiology in the Sunshine State, Vincent, a real-life dominatrix married to bandmate and bassist Evil D, started out fronting a Black Flag-inspired punk trio that gradually evolved into today's industrial black-metal act (praised in Hustler as "the world's sexiest rock band"). Following in the theatrical footsteps of Alice Cooper and the Plasmatics, the Genitorturers excel at spectacle, whether they're regaling "Pleasure in Restraint" or giving H.P. Lovecraft his sundry comeuppance. Even though carnal stage antics usually eclipse the band's musical efforts (a fairly generic mess of rattling amps and electro-wallop), Gen and company can throw the goat with the best of 'em. Still touring in support of last year's Flesh Is the Law, they'll get the all-ages gag ball rolling with Beautiful Creatures. Calling all pain sluts.


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