The Getdown! At the Larimer Lounge

Ever since Jack and Meg White reimagined the raucous, bluesy two-piece of the pioneering Flat Duo Jets, anyone flying that musical configuration gets compared to the White Stripes. Dustin Lawlor and Tom Nelson, who make up The Getdown! (due at the Larimer Lounge on Thursday, September 10), clearly reach beyond such influences; their songs draw as much from the Northwest sound of Tacoma acts like the Sonics and the Wailers as they do from Delta blues and the rock-and-roll cataclysm that burst forth from Michigan in the late 1960s. Curiously, in their music you can hear drones that build tension to a boiling point, as they would in a Suicide song, only The Getdown! accomplishes this with guitar and drums instead of an analog synth. Superficially easy to pin down, on further listen, The Getdown! is a group that rewards you for looking beyond its obvious touchstones.


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