The Ghost Inside

In a recent YouTube interview, the members of the Ghost Inside talk about how saturated the metal-core scene is right now, and that's no exaggeration. Hell, this bill co-stars three other genre practitioners, each of whom try to set themselves apart using different methods. For example, England's Bring Me the Horizon released a new disc featuring a cover shot of a hot girl holding a pile of bloody entrails; Wisconsin's Misery Signals found a new singer by posting an instrumental on MySpace and asking site visitors to sing over it and send it back by e-mail; and Confide is Christian, which isn't unique, but close enough. And the Insiders? Well, they've made a pretty decent album, Fury and the Fallen Ones, whose best songs, such as "Shiner," mate the usual caterwauling angst with better-than-average hooks. Will that be enough to help them rise above the competition? Hard to say. But at least they're not stuck carrying around entrails.


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