The Giraffes

Fair warning: The Giraffes are a rock-and-roll band. Whiskey will be consumed. Verbal abuse will whirl around the joint like water in a toilet bowl. Blood may be spilled. Handlebar mustaches will be worn. And by God, that's just as it should be. Consider Lester Bangs's comments when regarding a certain maniac named Iggy: "What we need are more rock 'stars' willing to make fools of themselves, absolutely jump off the deep end and make the audience embarrassed for them if necessary." Human middle fingers like Iggy Pop and the Giraffes serve as essential reminders that rock and roll is meant to be loud, visceral and just a little horrifying. The boys from Brooklyn dare all within earshot to rock out with their collective cock out — literally. And, yes, that is the host of TV's Tricked Out on drums.


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