The Good Life

Tim Kasher just isn't himself today. No big surprise coming from the leader of Cursive, a group in which Kasher exhibits entire textbooks of sociopathic ills -- not to mention an uncontrollable urge to narrate in tongues, juggle identities and reference himself as someone who tends to reference himself a lot. Sound confused? So does Album of the Year, the fourth disc by Kasher's side gig, the Good Life (due at the Larimer Lounge on Monday, September 20). Luckily, confusion is both his muse and his medium, and he applies his typically twisted songcraft and tortured croon to these twelve scraps of plush, luxuriantly anguished folk pop. Like some inverted Pagliacci, Kasher cries to keep from laughing -- at unrequited rejection, at the absurdity of ego, at the whole bloated vainglory of rock itself. If he weren't so depressing, he'd be hysterical. But his brutal sincerity blots out the sarcasm, and you exit Album feeling hugged, slapped, fucked, infuriated and then softly lulled to sleep. Of all the roles Kasher has played over the years, this is easily his most human and consuming.


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