The Great American Techno Festival brings John Tejada to NORAD

Born in Vienna to classical-musician parents and trained on the piano from age four, Los Angeles's John Tejada is not your average DJ/producer. Taking his cue from Detroit techno icons Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Juan Atkins, Tejada is best known for gritty dance singles like "Sweat (on the Walls)" and "Mono on Mono," but he has also embraced the album form to a greater degree than many of his contemporaries, releasing regular full-lengths starting with 1999's Little Green Lights and Four Inch Faders. Tejada's latest LP, The Predicting Machine, is due out next week on Michael Mayer's Kompakt imprint. Catch him live this Friday, September 14, at NORAD Dance Bar as part of the second annual Great American Techno Festival.


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