The Haggardies

The Haggardies' debut full-length, So Good You'll Think You're Eating! (scheduled for release this Saturday, November 25, at the Bluebird Theater), will make you feel like you've jumped into a time machine and, for whatever reason, dialed up 1996, a time when ska-core seemed incredibly relevant and when hearing the word "Santeria" on the radio -- even if you weren't among a handful of nerds who actually knew what the term meant -- was cool. That era has obviously long since passed, though it took about seven or eight years for the last wave of the genre to finally die out. What will save the Haggardies from a similar fate is what made so much of that music enjoyable in the first place: the spirit of fun that the group's frenetic pace and bratty vocals embody. While the Haggardies might not be for everyone, the outfit's blend of ska and pop and its attendant SoCal sun-drenched glow succeeds brilliantly in creating an energetic party vibe for those who would rather dance than mope.


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