The Juan Maclean

Less Than Human, the latest from James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy's critically lauded DFA label, finds former Six Finger Satellite member John Maclean taking advantage of the recent decision by indie kids that dance music can play their reindeer games. Human reeks of yesteryear, somewhere between the metallic robotics of Kraftwerk and the spacey house trip taken by the Orb. "Give Me Every Little Thing" even tries to squash a P-Funk groove into the pinhole of Maclean's skeletal ping-pong repetitions -- leaving both embarrassed by the hymen-shredding fit. But will it make you want to dance? Not unless you're inclined to twitch in your sleep. Human induces inertia with hookless Atari loops and vocoder desiccation, the sort of dance music that hungers for ga-dunk-a-dunk bass lines as thick as fire hoses.


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