The Juan MacLean makes tracks at NORAD on Thursday, December 13

John MacLean — better known as his on-stage alter ego The Juan MacLean  — has had a strange journey from guitarist for post-hardcore band Six Finger Satellite to DFA Records superstar. By 2002, the formerly rock-minded artist was fully immersed in the electronic scene, releasing his first major single, "By the Time I Get to Venus," that year. And between the insane international popularity of tracks like "Happy House" and remixes for acts like Air, Daft Punk, Yoko Ono and Franz Ferdinand, he's still going strong. Punk-rock sensibilities still provide an undertone beneath the Juan MacLean's pulsing, enthralling sets, and he's a master of skillfully stripping a track down to its barest essence before building the melodies back in, all of which makes for an addictively danceable mix. He'll headline at NORAD on Thursday, December 13.


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