The Ladybug Transistor

Nearly a decade before the current wave of nostalgia-tinged music, the Elephant 6 collective almost single-handedly reinterpreted the genius of the Beatles and the Beach Boys for a new generation. The Ladybug Transistor is another act that looked back to the '60s for inspiration, but rather than attempting to recreate the psychedelic sounds and pop perfection of Lennon-McCartney and Brian Wilson, the outfit drew more upon the works of Burt Bacharach and Scott Walker. Ladybug's lush, orchestral arrangements are intricate, yet so delicately nuanced, that it would be easy to assume the group couldn't pull off its sound live. But this is no mere studio creation; the band is as moving on-stage as each of its six full-length releases. This isn't a band you'll hear on the radio often, but one listen to the new record Can't Wait Another Day, and there's no question: Ladybug Transistor is worth tuning in.


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