The Last Seen

After roaring out of the gate a few years back, The Last Seen (due at the hi-dive on Thursday, January 12, with Matt Boyer of Sun Kil Moon and Triplight) kept a pretty low profile for most of 2005. If their recently completed three-song effort is any indication of things to come, however, the Seensters are poised to make a gigantic noise in 2006. Building upon the Brit-pop leanings of Demonstration, their highly capable 2004 debut, this latest batch of songs exhibits a vibrant, invigorated, widescreen approach that hints at shoegaze without getting lost in the gratuitous gauziness that generally defines that sound. Led by guitarist/vocalist Jason Hayes, the band is about to begin pre-production with Ian Hlatky (Born in the Flood, Ten Cent Redemption) in preparation for its inaugural full-length. Don't be surprised if by this time next year, the Last has moved into first.


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