The Lavellas

Birthed five years ago in Denver but now based in Chicago, the Lavellas are an atmospheric pop band in the best sense. Instead of taking cues from Radiohead and Coldplay, like the bulk of their peers, they draw inspiration from Catherine Wheel, Slowdive and Swervedriver. Boasting a dreamy wall of sound, the Lavellas craft songs of scintillating texture and depth. At once catchy and ethereal, their blissed-out sonics propel you skyward, only to bring you back to earth with sinuous yet driving rhythms and the impassioned vocals of frontman/guitarist Rob Green, whose disarmingly beautiful voice is plaintive without being whiny. Although made up of only three people, this is one of those bands that seem larger than life on stage. Touring in advance of their forthcoming disc, the Lavellas return to the Mile High City with Chicago's Walking Bicycles and Drop the Fear offshoot A Shoreline Dream.


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