The Lemonheads

The Lemonheads were a mid-'90s enigma. Although the band really only produced a few moderate hits ("It's a Shame About Ray" and "Into Your Arms"), its name is one of the most memorable from that self-indulgent era of angsty pop and Gen-X marketing ploys. The act's dubious popularity was based primarily on the appeal of frontman Evan Dando, whose alterna-hunk good looks and charming personality made him a rock-media darling. But between the stresses of constant lineup changes and the ever-growing shadow of Dando's drug-addled reputation, it seemed inevitable that the group would fall back into obscurity. And it did until this year. Now, a decade after the Lemonheads' last studio album, Dando and some new friends (ex-Descendents Karl Alvarez and Bill Stevenson) are peddling their brooding college rock to the next generation of tormented young consumers. Maybe this time around, the formula will actually be a success.


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