Tom Murphy

The Life There Is

Many bands who try to mix the aesthetics of rock and electronic music do so more clumsily than not. But The Life There Is seems to have the hang of it. With a lush, haunting sound akin to that of Lake Trout and Depeche Mode sans the adolescent angst, this outfit writes songs that resonate with a dreamlike glimmer. Even within the framework of essentially atmospheric music, there are moments of heady intensity that sweep in unexpectedly throughout the group's live set. Fans of The Colour of Spring-era Talk Talk, particularly, will appreciate the inspired orchestral composition and soulful uplift of The Life There Is (due this Sunday, June 1, at the Larimer Lounge) at its best. Granted, the band hasn't perfected its sound quite yet and has experimented with ideas that don't work in the context of its sonic grandeur — but at least it's taken chances.


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